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Happy Birthday Twitter!

Today marks eight year since Twitter invaded our lives. Today, 8 billion tweets go out each day! WHOA. I decided to share my first very tweet with you all. It's a very typical tweet and of course it was after midnight because I was a 19-year-old college student, home on summer vacation for the first time probably bored out of mind.

Twitter has changed dramatically since then I sure do miss the old twitter. Actually, my original account got hacked into recently (which might've been for the best--as I mentioned, I was 19 when I created it.) It's unbelievable to see how far Twitter has come and I'm interested to see where it will go next. Every great social network prior to Twitter since as BlackPlanet, Myspace and Facebook reached their peak and have either disappeared or changed drastically since then. Can't help but wonder what brilliant idea is being created as we speak. Oh, the wonderful world of the Internet. Never know what's next.

Thanks for the memories, the trending topics and the networking, Twitter. I truly appreciate it.

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