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Happy LAversary,Tiffy!

It has been exactly 365 days since I moved to Los Angeles and wow, what a year. I landed at LAX with two suitcases, no job, no apartment. Nada. But I did have this little thing called faith and it’s good friend named determination.

For a really long time, I felt like I was drowning in New York. Life had put me through a lot and I was ready for something new. I was ready to breathe again. And I knew a big part of that was because I wasn’t living to my full potential. So with some clarity and a really supportive tribe, I took that leap of faith because I knew what the alternative was and I knew for a fact I couldn’t go back to that. That wouldn’t be fair to myself.

It’s hard to even write this but I feel like we don’t take enough time to celebrate our wins. Time to change that because when one of us wins, we all win. During my time in LA, I’ve grown so much already that it shocks me sometimes.

Career wise, I’ve crushed my goal list rather quickly. I worked on NBC teams that helped two boss babes launch their late night shows. (Hi Busy! Hi Lilly!) Then I worked under Netflix for an epic upcoming series. (Hi Kenya B!) I landed my first gig in a writer’s room at Sony Studios. (Cobra Kai Never Dies!) And on day 350, I started my first day as a scripted writer. (Hi Quibi!) Things that I dreamed about for years was finally happening due to me finally betting on myself. More than anything, I hope my journey gives someone the courage to go out into this world and get it because the only thing keeping you back is you. And since I’m all about transparency, there were plenty of times that I was ready to throw the towel in. Like when I first got here and didn’t find a job or an apartment as soon as I thought. Or when I got into a car accident just a week after I finally decided to buy a car. Or when I had the stomach flu and was in the ER for hours. That’s when it truly hit me that even if my mom got on a flight right now, she’s still 6 hours away. :( So when people ask me how did I do it. I’m still shocked every day lol but I know for a huge fact I wouldn’t be anywhere without a support system. Friends who held me accountable (Hi Jaz! Hi Robin! Hi Davey!) friends who opened their homes to me (Hi Will! Hi Janay!) my ween sis for going half on the suite life (Hi Cam!) and those that keep my grounded and remind me of the bigger picture. (Hi mom! Hi Lay!) Oh, and a bomb ass black therapist. (Hey girl! ) But more than anything, I knew this was something I couldn’t do until I was fully ready. Nothing happens before it’s time but while you’re waiting for that moment to move, make sure you’re doing the ground work. Stay ready so you don't have to get ready. Being in LA while the culture lost Nip and Kobe has taught me nothing more than this space we’re currently occupying is on borrowed time. Life is to be lived so live it. Immediately and fully.

Here’s to year two! Can't wait to see what's next.

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