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The King of Pop Reigns Forever

You know how you picture a celebrity getting old and eventually passing over to the other side. Well, I could never picture that happening to the GOAT to ever moonwalk in tubesocks and a glitter glove. So when he died on June 25, 2009 (I remember the exact moment when I found out-- I was shopping for prom dresses with my younger cousin at Smithhaven Mall on Long Island) I was extremely depressed. I grew up watching the Jackson 5 movie that my brother burned on a VHS to keep my quiet and out of his hair as a child. Even to this day when I'm in a terrible mood, I instantly play Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5. Three songs later, I forgot why I was mad in the first place.

Long story short (not really) just because someone passes on, it doesn't mean their music does. Last week, a new Michael Jackson track featuring Justin Timberlake made its rounds on radio stations across the country. "Love Never Felt So Good" INSTANTLY reminded me of early 80s Mike, 'Off The Wall' Mike which I had/have the biggest crush on! Not sure how this new album will turn out or the success of this song but if I hear it this summer at a cookout, I'm automatically getting my two step on.

Rest in Peace to the King of Pop.

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